Ganesha Idol-izing – a Creative Idol-making Contest at Rysun

September 20 2023

Ganesha Idol-izing Contest held at Rysun India was a perfect precursor to the ten-day Ganpati festival, when Bappa’s fans bring him home to bless their space. When it comes to building, Rysers are equally good at code and idols! Yes, right, we said idols. Recently our engineers turned imagineers and handcrafted some real masterpieces in the form of Ganesha idols.

We saw a great fusion of engineering and artistry as our engineers transformed clay, paper, and fresh vegetables into stunning Ganesha idols. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation!

With no bounds on creativity, Rysers carved the Lord of New Beginnings in various shapes and forms. Teams got together in the ample common spaces at our offices in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Pune and unleashed their creative genius, along with fun-filled camaraderie.

Checkout the team’s handiwork and the fun they had while building these idols.