Global Azure 2024 Event Hosted by Rysun in Collaboration with M365 Ahmedabad User Group

April 20 2024

Rysun Labs proudly hosted the prestigious Global Azure 2024 event in association with the M365 Ahmedabad User Group. During this one-day event, attendees got a front-row seat at the Ahmedabad office for a day full of enriching Azure talks and networking.

The inaugural session was on BYOD (Bring Your Own Database) into Azure OpenAI. The speakers navigated through the technical nuances of AI model creation and demonstrated its potential to revolutionize operational frameworks and decision-making paradigms.

Following suit, the second session explained the future trajectory of smart industries through digital twin technology. The demonstration of a Space Station and Robotics Arm controlled by digital twins underscored the profound capabilities of this emergent technology. The third session underscored the importance of proactive incident response strategies by leveraging Azure Monitor and Logic Apps.

In the concluding session, the evolving paradigm of data and analytics with an introduction to Microsoft Fabric was explained. Attendees gained insight into Fabric’s pivotal role in modernizing data infrastructure and driving organizational innovation through advanced analytics and AI.

As the event ended, participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to explore Azure topics and connect with a vibrant community. They also participated in a Q&A session to answer queries and share experiences.

Big thanks to all participants, organizers, and speakers for providing their insights on how to utilize Azure in day-to-day applications.

Here is a glimpse of the day: