Real-Time Precision Pricing for Luxury Lighting: Rysun’s Transformative API Integration


A niche luxury goods retailer specializing in high-end lighting solutions sought to enhance its B2B customer experience with custom pricing. Rysun partnered with them to build an optimized Advanced Pricing API, seamlessly integrating multiple enterprise applications and delivering tailored pricing in real-time.



Retail & Ecommerce, Luxury Goods



Personalized Pricing, Advanced Pricing API, Rule Engine



United States

The Challenge

The retailer needed personalized pricing for B2B clients based on complex rules. Their existing system caused delays and inconsistencies, impacting the customer experience. 

  • Inefficient Pricing and Integration Gaps: Manual price updates and lack of real-time integration with enterprise apps caused problems. 
  • Slow Pricing Retrieval: Complex rules across systems slowed down operations. 
  • Customer Impact: Delays and errors frustrated customers and risked lost sales. 
The Solution

Rysun developed and optimized an Advanced Pricing API that bridged the gap between the company’s Magento platform and their backend ERP and other enterprise applications. The key features of this solution included: 

  • Personalized Pricing: Consolidated hundreds of pricing rules across various backend enterprise applications, enabling the client to manage and apply complex pricing strategies with ease. 
  • Seamless Integration: The robust API efficiently communicated between Magento and the client’s backend systems, ensuring accurate and real-time pricing information. 
  • Performance Optimization: Through meticulous code optimization and architectural enhancements, Rysun’s team achieved a remarkable 10x improvement in API performance. 
Business Impact

Rysun’s Advanced Pricing API not only addressed the immediate needs of the luxury lighting solutions company but also set a foundation for future scalability and innovation. By leveraging our expertise in system integration and API optimization, we enabled this premium brand to deliver a superior customer experience and achieve significant operational efficiencies. 

  • 10x Faster Pricing: Reduced the time to fetch customer-specific pricing from up to a minute to just 5-6 seconds. Customers now receive tailored pricing almost instantly, significantly enhancing their buying experience. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: Accurate, real-time custom pricing delighted B2B buyers. The ability to provide precise pricing based on specific contracts and conditions improved customer satisfaction and trust.  
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined pricing processes saved effort and reduced errors. By automating and integrating the pricing system, the retailer could reduce manual interventions and focus on more strategic initiatives. 
  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage: Personalized pricing strategies aligned with customer expectations to help differentiate against competitors.  
The Extra Mile

Rysun also enabled this luxury goods retailer to layer on time-bound promotional pricing and discounts for all customers, on top of the existing sophisticated pricing engine. This allowed the company to run festive offers and special discounts for a limited duration, enhancing their promotional strategies.

  • Special Promotions: The client wanted the ability to offer flat percentage discounts to all customers during chosen time periods, in addition to dynamic per-customer pricing. For example, offering flat 15% discounts on all products during the holiday season or Thanksgiving weekend. 
  • Flexible Implementation: Rysun configured the solution to allow the company to easily inject these time-bound, special discounts – starting and ending the promotion on desired date and time. 

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