Transforming Global Payments for a Luxury Goods Retailer: CyberSource Implementation and Tokenization


Our client, a premier US-based retailer of signature lighting solutions, has established itself as a go-to destination for design-conscious consumers, architects, and interior decorators. With a growing presence across the US and internationally, this premium brand offers a curated selection of high-end lighting products through its exclusive showrooms, D2C website, a B2B commerce portal, and strategic retail partners. 



Retail & Ecommerce, Luxury Goods



Unified Payments, CyberSource Implementation, PCI Compliance, Tokenization



United States


The client aimed to centralize the payment system across all channels and sites to control transaction costs and enable secure payments, ultimately creating a positive customer experience with a seamless payment experience across all channels. 

  • Enhance Security: Ensure PCI-DSS compliance and secure handling of sensitive data. 
  • Reduce Transaction Costs: Implement a unified payment system to save costs. 
  • Improve Efficiency: Streamline payment processes and reduce downtime.
The Challenge

As the distinguished brand expanded its global footprint, it faced several challenges in managing and securing its payment infrastructure. 

  • Fragmented Payment Gateways: Variety of payment options in different channels, leading to a lack of standardization and inconsistencies in payment processing. 
  • Discrete Technology Integration: The absence of a unified payment platform made it difficult to integrate and manage payment technologies across different geographies. 
  • Unoptimized Transaction Costs: Inability to leverage the global scale to optimize transaction costs, resulting in higher expenses and reduced profitability. 
  • Compliance and Security Concerns: Non-compliance and data breach risk across a distributed payment network. 
The Solution

Rysun implemented a unified payment gateway, powered by CyberSource, to transform the company’s payment landscape, delivering substantial cost savings, improving scalability, and enhancing security. 

  • Unified Global Payment System: Integrated the scattered payment infrastructure into a centralized payment platform, streamlining transactions processing and providing a single point of control. 
  • CyberSource Payment Gateway Integration: Successfully integrated the CyberSource payment gateway for reliable and secure payment processing. 
  • PCI Compliance and Data Security: Robust PCI-DSS compliant solution, tokenizing sensitive card data and cleansing the Customer Card Data Base (CCDB). 
  • Automated Deployments and Optimization: Also migrated the payment APIs and associated resources to the Azure cloud for scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Real-time Reporting and Monitoring: Developed a user-friendly reporting portal to provide real-time transaction insights, statuses, and key performance metrics.
Business Impact

With a robust, unified, PCI-compliant payment infrastructure in place, the client is well-positioned to continue its global expansion, offering seamless and secure payment experiences to its design-savvy customers worldwide.

  • Cost Savings: Annual transaction costs savings of more than USD 1 million in the first year itself. 
  • Improved Scalability: Built a solid foundation for future expansion, paving the way to easily onboard new channels and geographies. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Mitigated the risk of fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Automated deployments, optimized resources, and real-time reporting streamlined payment operations, enabling proactive issue resolution. 
Into the Future

Building on the success of the CyberSource integration, Rysun is now assisting the client in migrating from the CyberSource + Chase environment to Fiserv SnapPay Payment Integration. This transition will further optimize their payment infrastructure, providing additional cost savings and efficiencies. More on that soon. 

The Rysun Advantage

Rysun, as a trusted advisor, helped the client successfully navigate the complexities of unified payments with minimal disruption to business.  

  • On-time release of CyberSource integration with zero production defects. 
  • Zero API downtime observed post-release, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing. 
  • Successful implementation of a clean PCI-compliant solution, tokenizing sensitive data. 
  • Automated deployments through CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps. 
  • Optimization of Azure resources for cost-effective, high-performance operation. 
  • Development of a comprehensive reporting portal for real-time transaction monitoring. 
  • Agile project delivery with timely milestones and extensive quality assurance. 

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