Live Screening of Chandrayaan-3 Soft-Landing on the Moon at Rysun Offices

September 01 2023

Rysers are over the moon! It was a moment of great pride and celebration as Chandrayaan-3 made a safe soft-landing on the moon. India made global history and became the first-ever country to touchdown in the rough South Pole terrain of the Moon.

Our People and Support teams converted the office into an auditorium so the team could get together to witness history being made. Everybody huddled around the big screen and was waiting with bated breath as ISRO’s Vikram Lander approached the ShivShakti Point – the name given to the landing spot.

The loudest round of applause and joyous cheer broke out the moment the lander touched down. Human will and perseverance can, and has breached yet another frontier. Congratulations to the space research pioneers and technology enthusiasts led by ISRO.

Here are some moments from the event.