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About us

About Rysun

Rysun is an AI, Data and Digital Innovation company. A partner of choice for leading enterprises globally, raising the bar for business strategy with technology solutions that create remarkable experiences and outcomes for our clients and their customers.

We help businesses
  • Keep up with changing technologies and applying them meaningfully.
  • Shape remarkable customer, employee and partner experiences.
  • Bridge the modernization gap in core digital enterprise architecture.
  • Through AI and Data-led Digital Innovation.
Our strengths
  • Superior leadership in data strategy, product engineering, app and platform modernization, and cloud-first practices.
  • Deep, proven expertise in retail & ecommerce, energy, and hi-tech industry verticals.
  • A keen ability to assess customer priorities to define the right impact solutions.
  • Build and run full-stack solutions and integrations from start to finish.

Let's together step into a new day with Infinite Possibilities

Our Vision

Our vision echoes our commitment to innovation, forward thinking, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We are committed to inspire the future with technology.

Our core values drive everything we do.

Our values are at the heart of our culture, guiding us as we innovate, collaborate, and create measurable outcomes for our customers. These are not just notional values, but a set of aligned attitudes, behaviors, and actions that we strive to live by daily.

Memories and milestones

Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.

The founding years
Embracing design and quality
Expanding horizons​
Making a difference ​ ​
Unlocking possibilities

The founding years


The beginning​

Founded in August 2001 as Krish Technologies ​​

Product engineering services focus ​​

First focus verticals Retail and Entertainment​


First CX solutions ​ 

Changed the face of the movie and mall going experience​ in the country

Built a multi-brand and multi-lingual e-marketplace for a Polish retailer ​


Making headlines

Top market share in the Gujarat entertainment industry and second largest pan-India ​

E-procurement and live auction platform for logistics ​

Team size 20 ​

First corporate office

Embracing design and quality​


The Launchpad

Set up our first Enterprise Application Development & Delivery Center

Specialized department for Web & Mobile app development

Incorporated as KCS Private Limited​​

Team grew to 50​


Designful thinking

UX UI Design as a focused competency

Offshore product engineering partner for first US-based customers

First major win in Financial Services​

Forayed in the Middle East​


Putting quality in focus

Became ISO 9001:2008 certified ​



Health matters

New division focused on Healthcare

ML-based remote health monitoring platform and digital health wallet

Ran successful clinical trials with leading American university

Collaborated with international non-profits on mother and child health


Big strides

Dropped anchor in USA with onshore development center

Acquired first global large enterprise account for Technology Consulting

Dedicated SharePoint competency

Team size 75 members


Golden wins

Became Microsoft Gold certified partner

Award-winning consumer app for leading power utility in India

Breaking ground with product and data services across EMEA

Expanding horizons​


Data everywhere

Dedicated COE for Data & Analytics

Touchdown in UK

New products launched – iNet and eDocs

Customers in 15 countries


Covering new ground

Launched operations in South Africa

New product for Logistics domain – TrackNet

Pelican gets new wings

Team of 120


Quality, level up

Launched SmartTown, a residential society management app and platform

ISO 27001 certified

Multi-language app development

Making a difference ​ ​


Expanding the edge

CMMi Level 3 for our project practices

Team size 275

Added City Gold office

Presence in Bay area​


Purpose driven ​

Improved quality of life for persons with special needs​ with award winning app​

Recognized as B-BBEE Level 2 Contributor in South Africa


Good governance​

Enabling citizen services with User Experience design

Dedicated ​COE for Microsoft Power Platform

Set up Pune office

Unlocking possibilities


Scale and speed

Set up Florida office

CMMI Level 5 for V2.0 for DEV

Acquired Biarca, Inc. to build a conscious culture of security

Delivery center at Hyderabad


Moving in on innovation ​

Facial recognition solution in education domain

State-of-the-art research and delivery centers in Ahmedabad and Pune​

Team size of 500+


Powering up possibilities

New, re-energized identity

Our new identity

Why Rysun – Infinite Possibilities

Rysun is derived from the Rising Sun. Rise is one of the most positive words in the English language, signifying growth and scale. The sun represents life-giving energy, brilliance, insight, and inspiration.

Together they reflect infinite possibilities in the form of new beginnings, and sustainable, scalable growth. Our new identity is a reflection of our passion, our expertise, our enthusiasm. We are ready for a new adventure, ready to expand the horizon of infinite. Are you ready to take the journey with us?

Our New Identity - Rysun
The story of our transformation

This is a story of deep reflection to reimagine and redefine our next best self, of how we are transforming ourselves for the future.

Rysun Labs began its journey in 2001 as a product and data engineering company and has emerged as a global provider of expert technology solutions for  modern businesses around the world. Through tiny, incremental changes we evolved every day to become better at what we do.

As we came of age and turned 21 in August 2022, we paused to introspect and analyzed the perceptions and expectations of our customers and partners, our team and our ecosystem. We uncovered new insights, new asks, and new opportunities. And emerged with our new identity that reflects our bold vision for the future.