Making Moments Matter
in Retail & Ecommerce

Empowering retail customers to live their best buying journeys uninterrupted with Retail Consulting Services

Rapidly shifting consumer behavior and technology trends are disrupting the Retail industry at scale. As the boundaries between the physical and digital realms blend like never before, the customer journey is becoming more complex and crowded every day. To succeed and be valued by their customers, retail brands and stores need to live up to much more than best price, quality and efficiency with top-notch retail consulting services.

Retailers, who deliver the best end-to-end customer experiences proactively consolidate customer interaction data from heterogenous environments to identify opportunities for growth and improvement leveraging retail digital transformation at scale. Their digital landscape and solutions are fully compliant with international privacy and security standards, and enable superior omnichannel strategies, marketing automation, attractive merchandise, responsive supply networks, engaging frontend operations, unified payments.

Retail Consulting Services Driving Transformation

Customer Experience Platform: Frictionless, personalized, composable experiences.

Our Customer Experience Platform is tailor-made to create memorable interactions and forge lasting relationships with retail customers. This composable customer 360-degree platform is a gateway to exceptional customer engagement, increased brand loyalty and accelerated revenue growth.

Operational Excellence: Retail store operations and supply chain optimization.

We enable a data-driven approach for retailers, to help them uncover hidden opportunities for cost reduction, optimize sales and store operations, identify supply chain bottlenecks, and drive profitability. Our retail technology solutions enhance store associate productivity, allow better visibility and control on inventory, and enable secure data and payments.

Unlock the next level with targeted Retail solutions

Our retail consulting services empower leading retailers to leverage data-led retail solutions to enhance customer experiences, drive operational efficiency, and gain a clear competitive advantage.

Superior Customer Experience

Make your customers feel special to keep them coming back for more

  • Customer 360-degree
  • Unified omnichannel journeys
  • Personalized marketing and digital experiences
  • Surface cross and upsell opportunities
  • Seamless transition between digital and physical experiences
  • Stellar customer service
Superior Customer Experience

Store of the Future

Optimize performance of retail network operations for best throughput

  • Endless aisle solution
  • Clienteling apps
  • Frictionless checkout
  • Seamless phygital journeys
  • Store operations analytics
  • Sales performance analytics
Optimize performance of retail network operations

Connected Commerce

Build and operate high-performance, engaging ecommerce sites and apps

  • Digital storefronts
  • Product information management
  • Dynamic pricing & quote builder
  • Anonymous shopping carts
  • Search and recommendation engine
Ecommerce Solutions

Unified, Secure Payments

Optimize performance of retail network operations for best throughput

  • Integrated, secure Point of Salesolutions
  • Secure, unified payment solutions
  • Alternative payments
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Invoice reconciliation automation
Secure Payment Option for Retailers

Sales Effectiveness

Power up in-store interactions with context-aware insights and frontline productivity tools

  • Customer 360-degree insights
  • Access to next-best action recommendations
  • Frontline productivity tools
  • Task distribution & appointments
  • Sales training and readiness
Power up Sales Effectiveness for Retailers

Customer Service

Bring Customer 360 insights to agent dashboards for improving speed and quality of service

  • Agent’s Customer 360 dashboard
  • Ticket and case management
  • AI-assisted interaction
  • Virtual service agents (chatbots)
Agent’s Customer 360 Dashboard

Integrated Enterprise

Connect the dots between enterprise systems for seamless, efficient, and automated processes

  • Distributed order management
  • Inventory planning and visibility
  • Finance transformation
  • Procurement transformation
  • Responsive supply chain
  • Last mile efficiency
  • Easy returns
Enterprise Integration for Retailers

Modern Digital and Data Platforms

Efficient technology infrastructure for data-led, insight driven interactions at all touchpoints

  • Data foundation for Customer 360
  • Unified data platform
  • Dynamic micro-segmentation
  • Scalable hybrid cloud solutions
  • Integrated, automated workflows
  • Modern, composable architecture
  • Security embedded in design
  • Application portfolio rationalization
Modern Digital and Data Platforms Solutions

Why Rysun for Retail Consulting Services

Transforming the what, why, how and when of what the customer wants

Rysun has deep expertise in the retail vertical. Leading retail and consumer brands trust us to help them explore opportunities for growth and overcome operational challenges in the constantly evolving world of retail.

With our retail consulting services approach, we identify the business drivers, understand root causes, and provide practical and sustainable solutions to create tangible value for retail companies. Our retail consultants & experts merge business and technology expertise to help define your digital strategy, then work shoulder to shoulder with your teams to ensure you achieve and sustain the transformation.

Creating measurable impact

As an accomplished retail consulting services firm Rysun understands the end-to-end retail value chain and has delivered a broad range of business benefits to our customers.

Increased Revenue and Growth

Increased Revenue
and Growth

Better Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores

Better CSAT
and NPS Scores

Improved key KPIs like CLTV and AOV

Improved Key KPIs Like

Reduced checkout time in-store

Reduced Checkout
Time in-store

Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Ratio

Lower Shopping Cart
Abandonment Ratio

Boosting Return of Marketing Investment for Retail Industry

Boosting Return on
Marketing Investment

Reduced Annual Transaction Cost With Unified Payments

Reduced Annual
Transaction Cost With
Unified Payments

Major improvement in sales efficiency

Major Improvement
in Sales Efficiency


Solving omnichannel performance with customer centric solutions for different segments.

Consumer Goods
Bringing coziness and comfort to every 10th home in North America.
eCommerce Consulting for Consumer Goods Business
Designing digital strategies for luxury goods segment.
Scaling CX innovation for retail banking and consumer utilities with omnichannel journeys.
Retail Solutions for Retailer
Hospitality & Leisure
Enabling niche retail enterprises – restaurants, leisure & travel, theatre, wildlife reserves.
eCommerce Solutions for Hospitality Business
B2B Commerce
Connected commerce and logistics aggregation platforms for B2B industrial commerce.
Retail Consulting for B2B Commerce