High-Tech – Enabling Art of the Possible
for Product Innovation Leaders

Enabling Transformative Ideas for Technology Leaders and Innovative Startups 

Digital consumers are very demanding when it comes to quality user experience and feature-richness in their apps and interfaces. And it is no mean feat for a product innovation leader, be it a large enterprise or an innovative startup, to stay atop the constantly moving staircase of technological advances. We believe that empowering product leaders to relentlessly focus on their product vision and growth is an effective strategy to deliver the speed to market and scale with high-tech consulting necessary for product-led success. 

A trusted product engineering partner like Rysun, who thrives on creating Hi-Tech solutions, can help solidify the product roadmap, diagnose priorities and align the release plan. And then reliably manage and deliver the code to turn the product vision into reality, for accelerated innovation, reduced time to market and enriched user experiences for the customers of our customers.  

Creating Accelerated Product Leadership

Product Engineering Strategy and Acceleration: Targeting revenue growth and operations at scale

The right product innovation and engineering services can help businesses develop customer-centric products that lead business growth and digital transformation in high-tech industry. We have engineered innovative products and crafted exceptional experiences for our digital product partners 

Operational Excellence: Expertise, experience and accelerators to enable speed to market

From the start, we have helped innovation companies accelerate their product development process and launch products on time and within budget. We offer the best-suited operating model to each customer based on their journey plan, including mature managed services and dedicated competency center approaches for our long-term, global customer partners.  

Design-led Product Engineering Consulting Services

Rysun has been helping innovation-oriented High-Tech companies build the right products the right way, faster and better. We have engineered a huge array of innovative products, with exceptional user experiences in future-ready, secure formats. Our High-tech industry solutions focus on speed to value through accelerated engineering enabled by more than two decades of product and data engineering projects.

Product Strategy

Applying business and technology know-how to help build great products  

  • Product Roadmap and Backlog  
  • Concept Development & Design  
  • Feature Benchmarking 
  • Technology Selection 
  • Custom Architecture Design 
  • Rapid Prototyping and POC 
Product Strategy and Roadmap

Product UX

Focused on not just what your apps look like, but also how they work

  • UX Strategy  
  • User Experience Design  
  • UX UI Development  
  • Wireframes and Mock ups  
  • Usability Engineering 
Product UX

Application Design & Innovation

Building high-performance apps that are simple, efficient, easy-to-use and future ready

  • Fullstack / Frontend / Backend
  • Low Code No Code 
  • Multi-platform Apps  
  • SaaS & Cloud-native Apps  
  • Consumer and Enterprise Mobile apps 
Application Design & Innovation

Application Modernization

Applying the five R’s of modernization to maximize the app experience and performance

  • Legacy Transformation
  • UX UI Modernization  
  • Platform Upgrade & Migration  
  • Legacy Apps Migration 
  • Portfolio Consolidation  
  • Application Reengineering
Application Modernization Services

Born in the Cloud

Moving and running scalable apps in hybrid multi-cloud environments  

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Migration  
  • Cloud Data & Analytics 
  • Cloud Security 
  • CloudOps 
Cloud Services

Enterprise Integration

Activating unhindered flow of data across the enterprise to eliminate data silos 

  • Enterprise Integration strategy  
  • Integration Architecture  
  • Data Integration
  • API Enablement  
  • Plugins Development
  • Adaptors & Connectors 
  • Middleware Platforms  
  • Hybrid, Multi-cloud Integration 
Enterprise Integration for Hi-tech Industry

Quality Assurance

Improving code quality to make better, more secure and robust products

  • Test Strategy  
  • Manual testing  
  • Automation testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • API testing 
  • Security testing 
Quality Assurance Services

DevOps Transformation

Not just about faster releases, but also better quality and faster recovery if problems do occur

  • DevOps Strategy
  • Org change management
  • Application architecture
  • CI CD Implementation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Performance Monitoring
  • DevSecOps
DevOps Transformation

Why Rysun

Enabling the ability to innovate and differentiate at speed and scale

Next gen digital products that drive transformation through seamless experiences are our specialty. Rysun works in close collaboration with the client’s product leaders to define and design product roadmaps. Our High-tech consulting bring customer-centricity, domain expertise, secure by design principles to engineer the best AI, Data and Digital solutions.

Creating measurable impact

Rysun understands the end-to-end High-Tech value chain and has delivered a broad range of business benefits to our customers.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Innovative Technology

Accelerated Revenue


Product-led Market Growth

Product-led Market

Improved Time-to-Market


Faster Return on Investment

Faster Return
on Investment

High Performance Platforms

High Performance

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