Digital, Data and AI Power up
for the Power Utilities

Customer-centric operations and predictable outcomes

Energy companies, especially power utilities, must adapt to evolving consumer trends and market dynamics, changing regulations and emerging tech trends to achieve sustainable growth and increase profitability. Power companies must leverage digital solutions to address immediate operational goals to remain competitive while building a cohesive AI, Data and Digital strategy to align with their long-term strategic objectives and goals and this can be achieved through right energy consulting services.

With rising expectations of the digital native customers, Customer Experience has become a top priority for utilities to shape engaging, personalized customer journeys across the numerous touchpoints. Streamlined operations across the energy network are critical to maintain committed service levels at minimum disruption. Successful utilities leverage intelligent technologies and real-time analytics embedded in digital solutions to deliver safe, reliable, and innovative products and services.

Driving Transformation in Energy

Customer Experience Platform: Transform customer engagement for churn prevention

The large customer-base of a Power utility makes it challenging to understand and connect with consumers at a personal level. Our approach to Customer Experience management in the power sector focuses on mapping every customer’s unique journey and behavior. We deliver powerful insights on personalized cross-sell and upsell opportunities, risk of churn, customer service experiences.

Operational Excellence: Connected network operations for working capital optimization

We infuse data & AI into daily operations to integrate, automate and transform key processes like enterprise asset management, predictive maintenance and field services, customer service and retention, consumption and billing analytics, customer self-service and secure payments.

Power Utility solutions for customer-centric, high-performance operations

Our energy consulting services enable improved customer engagement and intelligent automation for leading traditional and renewable power companies.

Seamless Customer Experience

Enabling high-quality and personalized, multi-channel engagement

  • Customer 360-degree
  • Churn prevention
  • Marketing automation
  • Next best action recommendation
  • Surface cross and upsell opportunities
  • Single-pane customer service
Seamless Customer Experience

Customer Self-service

Empower the consumer to keep track of account, consumption, billing and service requests

  • Consumer account management
  • Billing and payments
  • Subscription management
  • Consumption analytics
Customer Self-service

Unified, Secure Payments

Variety of secure payment option with seamless reconciliation options

  • Consumer billing apps
  • Alternative payments
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Payment default prediction
secure payment option feature for energy companies

Customer Service

Remove service bottlenecks with integrated enterprise management systems

  • Agent’s Customer 360 dashboard
  • Ticket and case management
  • AI-assisted interaction
  • Virtual service agents (chatbots)
  • Churn prediction for early intervention
Agent’s Customer 360 dashboard for Energy Companies

Enterprise Asset Management

Maximize performance of the distributed asset network

  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Field services management
  • Field engineer apps
  • Remote asset monitoring
Enterprise Asset Management

Field Services Operations

Efficient, effective and up-to-date field operations with digital tools

  • Field Engineer productivity tools
  • Task distribution & Appointments
  • Training and readiness
  • Skills compliance
  • Workflow automation
Field Services Operations

Enterprise Integration

Integrated processes and applications for data-led, insight-driven outcomes

  • Customer Data Platform for Customer 360 view
  • Subscriptions, billing & payments reconciliation
  • Dynamic micro-segmentation for behavior analysis
  • Finance transformation
  • Field Service planning and operations
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Privacy and compliance
Enterprise Integration for Energy Companies

Why Rysun

Rysun has worked with large and small Power utility companies to help them innovate and transform their data and digital operations by adopting new and emerging technologies faster through its staunch experience in utility consulting services. We help utilities grow their market share and compete in a consumer driven marketplace by enabling them to deliver a personalized portfolio of offerings rather than standard products and services, predictable operational performance for near-zero unplanned outages. We also enable a great 24/7 customer service experience for power consumers through AI-assisted chatbots and virtual agents.

Helping define and execute impactful digital strategies for Power Utilities

Rysun has good domain expertise and experience in customer experience and operational excellence solutions and has delivered positive business impact in these areas of the power utilities value chain.

Improved Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Improved Customer
Segmentation and Targeting

Flexible product portfolio & pricing

Flexible Product
Portfolio and Pricing

Customized Billing and Payment Options

Customized Billing
and Payment Options

Improve cross-sell & upsell performance

Improve Cross-sell
and Upsell Performance

Reduced Customer Churn

Customer Churn

AI-assisted virtual service agents

AI-assisted Virtual
Service Agents

Reduced time to service & issue resolution

Reduced Time to
Issue Resolution

Better Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Better Customer
Satisfaction (CSAT)

Consumption analytics & generation forecasting

Consumption Analytics
and Generation Forecasting

Reliable & predictable operations

Reliable and
Predictable Operations

Improved operational monitoring & performance

Improved Operational
Monitoring and Performance

Lower unplanned asset downtime

Lower Unplanned
Asset Downtime

Increased capacity utilization

Increased Capacity

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