AI Consulting Services for Real-World Impact

Supercharging Business Transformation with AI Solutions

With its inherent scalability, enterprise AI services can engage with the entire ecosystem of an enterprise in real-time – people, processes, technology, and devices, to intercept a huge array of signals, interpret them into insightful patterns, identify and recommend the best of course action, and take automated action in a growing number of scenarios.

AI Consulting Services

Artificial Intelligence enables infinite possibilities for every enterprise, big or small belonging to different industries like Energy, Retail, High-Tech, etc. The limitless promise is only limited by human ability to fully adopt and command this great enabler. We help accelerate, automate, and amplify business outcomes for large companies and innovative startups with our AI consulting and adoption services.

AI Strategy and Roadmap

AI Strategy
and Roadmap

AI-led Digital Transformation

AI-led Digital

AI Use case Selection and Design

AI Use case Selection
and Design

AI Solution Development and Integration

AI Solution Development
& Integration

AI Implementation & Management

AI Implementation
& Management

AI Operations and Optimization

AI Operations
and Optimization

MLOps Consulting


Why Rysun for AI Consulting Services

Rysun has a dedicated center of excellence for AI ML research and solution development. This core team comprises of experts, specializing in machine learning, deep learning, generative AI, cognitive AI, data science, predictive analytics, advanced data visualization, automation, AI strategy framework and UX design.

Our AI team of enterprise AI services is augmented by domain specialists with experience of solution design in industries like retail & ecommerce, manufacturing, and energy utilities.

Bringing AI to Life for the Enterprise

From intelligent chatbots to predictive maintenance, from recommendation engines to credit scoring, or even disease detection in leaves, we have been bringing AI solutions to life over the last several years.

Marketing Automation & Personalization

Marketing Automation
& Personalization

Search and Recommendation Engine

Search and Recommendation

Generative AI for Customer Engagement

Generative AI for
Customer Engagement

Chat and Voice AI Customer Assistants

Chat and Voice AI
Customer Assistants

ML-based Unified Data Platform

ML-based Unified
Data Platform

Fraud Prevention and Credit Scoring

Fraud Prevention
and Credit Scoring

Customer Churn Analytics

Customer Churn

Artificial Intelligence in Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Predictive Maintenance


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