Rysun Celebrated 6 Days of Core Values: A Week of Unity, Exploration, and Impact

March 22 2024

This past week, Rysun buzzed with activity as we celebrated our Rysun Value Days! Dedicated to highlighting the six core principles that define our company culture and fuel our success, the week provided a unique opportunity to explore and reinforce these values through engaging activities.

Day 1: Creating Impact on International Women’s Day

The week kicked off with a powerful celebration of International Women’s Day. This day wasn’t just about recognizing the achievements of women, but also about highlighting our core value of creating impact. Through various activities and discussions, we explored the ways women at Rysun are making a positive difference in our company, our industry, and the world.

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Day 2: Being Cohesive on Twin Day

Day two focused on cohesiveness. We fostered a spirit of collaboration and teamwork through engaging activities. To emphasize the importance of working together as a unified force, we encouraged participation in a “Twin Day” where colleagues dressed alike. This playful activity served as a reminder of the strength that comes from working together towards a common goal.

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Day 3: Being Curious on Mismatch Day

Day three championed curiosity. We encouraged creative thinking and exploration through knowledge-sharing sessions and innovative challenges. A curious mind is always open to learning and growth, which is essential for continued innovation at Rysun. To reflect this value, we even embraced a mismatched dress code for a touch of playful exploration!

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Day 4: Being Bold on Bollywood Day

Boldness took center stage on day 4. We celebrated the importance of taking calculated risks and pushing boundaries through the theme of boldness. This spirit of venturing into the unknown is what allows Rysun to achieve remarkable things. To embrace this boldness, we incorporated a fun Bollywood Day with themed decorations and activities.

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Day 5: Being Agile on State Day

Agility was the theme for day 5. Interactive exercises highlighted our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new ideas. In today’s fast-paced world, agility is key to staying ahead of the curve. To celebrate our diverse workforce, we also incorporated a “State Spirit Day” where employees donned attire representing their home states.

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Day 6: Being Trusted on Signature Day

The week of celebration culminated in our Signature Day, where we celebrated the unique spirit that defines Rysun be Trusted! This day highlighted how our core values of cohesiveness, curiosity, agility, boldness, and trust come together to create a truly special company culture.

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At Rysun we believe that our values are more than just words – they are the driving force behind our success.