Built Microsoft Power App to Transform Master Data Management for Specialist CPG Brand


A renowned U.S.-based consumer packaged goods company, specializing in baby and mom care products, sought to streamline their product data management processes to accelerate new product launches.



Retail & Ecommerce, Consumer Packaged Goods



Microsoft Power App, Master Data Management, New Product Development



United States


With multiple teams involved in creating and approving new product data, the company needed a centralized solution to enhance data accuracy, eliminate duplicates, and automate processes.

  • Reduce Time to Market: Streamline the process of adding new products and product bundles to ensure faster launches. 
  • Minimize Errors: Ensure accurate and consistent master data through automated workflows. 
  • Enhance Collaboration: Facilitate seamless collaboration across various departments involved in product creation. 
The Challenge

As a rapidly growing leader in their market, the CPG company faced significant challenges in managing product data, hindering their ability to efficiently launch new products and maintain data quality: 

  • Lengthy Time-to-Market: Launching new products or bundles often took weeks, with significant time wasted on manual data entry and coordination across six departments. 
  • Fragmented and Manual Processes: Product data was scattered across spreadsheets, emails, and other systems, requiring manual entry leading to inconsistencies, errors, and delays. 
  • Data Quality Issues: The lack of a centralized system and standardized processes resulted in incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated product information. 
  • Lack of Visibility and Accountability: It was difficult to track completion, quality of product data, or identify bottlenecks, hampering collaboration. 
The Solution

Rysun developed a Microsoft Power App-Driven Master Data Management (MDM) solution that combined user-friendly interfaces, automation, and real-time insights. This centralized platform is designed to achieve a more efficient, accurate, and collaborative product data management and new product launch process. 

  • Centralized Data Management Hub: A single, intuitive platform replaced disparate systems, enabling all teams to collaboratively create, manage, and update product data in real-time. 
  • Guided Workflows & Automation: A structured, step-by-step process with automated approvals and escalations streamlined product data management. 
  • Role-Based Permissions: Granular access controls ensured data quality and security by restricting data modification to authorized personnel. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Real-time collaboration and streamlined workflows, reducing the need for manual communication and tracking. 
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Specialized charts and Power BI reports were created to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks in the workflow. 
  • Seamless NetSuite ERP Integration: Leveraging Azure Blob storage as an intermediary, the Power App established a seamless two-way data sync with the company’s NetSuite ERP, ensuring data consistency across platforms. 
Business Impact

Rysun’s centralized Microsoft Power App has transformed the CPG company’s product data management process, enabling them to keep up with customer expectations and launch new products faster. 

  • Improved Accountability and Collaboration: Clear roles, automated notifications, and real-time dashboards enhance team coordination. 
  • Centralized Database: Ensures a single source of truth, preventing data inconsistencies. 
  • Increased Productivity: Eliminating manual tasks and improving cross-team collaboration has boosted productivity by over 40%. 
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: The streamlined process has reduced the time required to bring new products to market by 50%, providing a significant competitive advantage.

The CPG company is now poised for continued growth and success in a competitive market. With a streamlined, efficient, and accurate product data management process, they are better equipped than ever to meet customer demands and drive innovation in the baby and mom care space. 

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