Faster Data Insights Help US-based Baby Care Company keep Moms and Babies Happy

Client Overview

Our customer is a leading USA-based company that develops and sells innovative products for new moms and babies. The e-commerce retailer sells mom and baby products online as well as through channels like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and other national retailers. This well-loved baby care brand was struggling to keep up with the fast-paced market due to slow data processes. Rysun’s integrated, robust solutions that transformed their decision-making with real-time insights. 



Retail & Ecommerce



Custom Data Analytics, Real-time Insights, Cloud Based Data Warehouse





This leading baby care brand faced critical delays in accessing vital sales performance, order status, and inventory data, hindering their ability to react swiftly to market changes. Critical delays in accessing vital enterprise data prevented business leaders from taking timely decisions. The manual collection and matching of data from 100+ source systems also exposed the organization to the risk of critical business decisions based on bad quality data.  

  • Data Dependency: The brand relied heavily on their parent company for data, slowing down their response time to market trends 
  • Manual, Error-Prone Processes: Excel-driven processes led to inefficiencies, potential inaccuracies, and delays in obtaining business-critical insights 
  • Limited Visibility: Siloed data and a lack of real-time reporting made it difficult for decision-makers to gain a holistic view of the business 
  • Sales Trends: Identifying popular products and potential gaps in sales and marketing performance, allows them to cater to the ever-evolving needs of parents and babies 
  • Inventory Levels: Ensuring sufficient stock of essential baby products to meet fluctuating demand. A stock-out could leave parents scrambling for crucial supplies 

The client’s goal was to transform their data to insights lifecycle, to enable data-driven decision making, automate manual workflows, provide real-time visibility into key metrics, and empower business leaders with valuable insights on business performance.

Rysun's Custom Data Analytics Solution

Rysun partnered with them to build a custom data analytics solution focused on speed, accuracy, and actionable insights. Our data integration and data engineering experts automated data transfer from the parent company’s ERP (NetSuite) to Azure data lake. Replaced manual reports with role-based, refreshable, actionable, visual Power BI reports and dashboards.  

Key solutions components included: 

  • Automated Data Flows: Built automated data pipelines using Azure Data Lake and Dell Boomi integration to streamline data extraction and consolidation from NetSuite ERP, 3PL WMS, Shopify ecommerce, and more  
  • Cloud-Based Data Warehouse: An Azure SQL database centralized data for easy access and analysis 
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Intuitive Power BI dashboards provided tailored insights on sales, inventory, fulfillment, and critical KPIs, enabling faster, data-driven decisions 
  • Empowered Decision-Makers: Business users across departments gained direct access to the data they needed, reducing reliance on the parent company and IT bottlenecks 

Rysun helped build a more efficient, data-driven organization better equipped to meet the evolving needs of parents and babies. Rysun’s data and analytics expertise provided business leaders with real-time visibility into critical sales, order status and KPIs, while our cloud data integration solutions helped eliminate manual processes to improve collaboration and data quality. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The client can proactively address stockouts, quickly identify bestsellers, and ensure seamless order fulfillment for the best possible customer experience 
  • Operational Efficiency: Teams spend less time on manual data wrangling and more time on strategic initiatives 
  • Access to Data: Empowered business users with direct access to data, eliminating dependency on parent company and its service-provider  
  • Data Integration: Data consolidation across multiple source systems and increased data refresh frequency from daily to near real-time for key dashboards 
  • Expanded Analytics User Base: Grew from a few power users to many self-service business users across departments 

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