Rysun’s Intelligent Search Solution Transforms Leading Food Safety Compliance Platform


Our customer is a technology-enabled services provider in the food safety and compliance arena, empowering users worldwide to make informed decisions about food safety. Their library of research reports and global compliance regulations are essential for industry professionals but presented search challenges.



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The unique terminology and complex structure of compliance regulations made it difficult for standard search tools to be effective:

  • Industry-Specific Complexity: The specialized language, symbols, and varying formats within these regulations made it difficult for traditional search engines to deliver accurate results.
  • Zero Search Results: Previously, the platform often returned zero results for search queries, even when thousands of relevant records existed. This created frustration and inefficiency for users, leading to wasted time, potential compliance errors, and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Suboptimal User Experience: Limited search functionality negatively impacted the user experience and customer satisfaction. It was a significant barrier for customers, preventing them from quickly finding the necessary compliance information.
Rysun's Intelligent Search Solution

Rysun, specializing in Intelligent Search solutions for product discovery and complex domains, implemented a customized solution featuring:

  • Custom Analyzer:
    • Designed to parse industry-specific terminology, symbols, and regulatory structures, ensuring even complex queries returned accurate results.
  • AI-Powered Ranking (Rank Model):
    • Advanced machine learning techniques to analyze search patterns and user behavior, enabling more accurate and personalized search results. The Rank model dynamically adjusts rankings, ensuring that the most relevant results are displayed first.
  • Context-Aware Search:
    • Case-insensitive, alpha-numeric code, half-word, and typo search to ensure results regardless of how a user formats their query.
    • Intelligent category, sub-category filtering to prevent irrelevant results from overlapping topics.
  • Scalable, Optimized Query Performance
    • Offsite pagination to optimize data retrieval and UI load times, delivering a seamless user experience even with extensive datasets.

Rysun’s Intelligent Search solution revolutionized the platform’s search capabilities, leading to significant benefits:

  • Search Success: Rysun’s solution dramatically increased relevant results. With the transformed search functionality, search results for some keywords went from zero to more than 72,000.
  • Empowered Customers: Customers could now quickly find the precise compliance information they needed. This saved them time, reduced errors, and streamlined their work.
  • Boosted Customer Value: The improved platform enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Competitive Edge: The enhanced platform solidifies the company’s position as a leader in its category, attracting new customers and boosting retention.

Is complex search hindering your CX? Transform your ecommerce product search and discovery capabilities with a tailored Intelligent Search solution.