Intelligent Search Engine to Amplify a Leading B2B Marketplace


Our client is an innovative aggregator of industrial commerce services. They offer a platform with out-of-the-box digital business enablers for small and large enterprises. The platform brings together an array of suppliers and buyers and the client wanted to enhance the search and discovery experience for known as well as for anonymous visitors. An intelligent search and discovery solution integrated in their B2B environment is doing just that.



High-Tech & Ecommerce



AI, Intelligent Search,
Ecommerce Product Discovery




Business Impact

Improved Customer Search Experience
Improved customer
search experience
Search Intelligence - Right Product Recommendation
Right products surfaced
at the right time
Better catalog monetization opportunities
Better catalog
monetization opportunities
Better search results and recommendations
Better search results
& recommendations
Faster Indexing of Searching Content
Faster indexing of
searchable content

Helping ecommerce buyers discover the right products, faster and more easily


A fast- growing SaaS platform providing an infrastructure of end-to-end digital business solutions along with a B2B commerce platform. They started with bringing sales and purchase orders online and now integrate numerous categories of industrial supplies and services in to a single platform.  


Product search and discovery needed to be made simple, intuitive, and fast to provide easy and guided navigation to site visitors and buyers to improve stickiness of the ecommerce site. 


Expansion into multiple product categories, with a huge range of products and services, created a complex ecommerce catalog which could get cumbersome to navigate. The client wanted to deliver the best search experience to their customers for better monetization opportunities. ​  


Built, trained, and deployed an intelligent search engine for personalized, custom rankings based on keyword analysis and ranking combined with and user’s site search and behavior history. Improved customer engagement through fast and rich search experience.  

Need to make products in your catalog discoverable to the right buyers?

Intelligent search may be the answer. Submit a query today.  


The client has a very large and complex catalog of products and services and needed to create a fast and intuitive search experience for all its users. A lot of the product database remained untapped as the search results were not optimized, leading to non-performance of new and niche categories.  

  • Cumbersome search experience
  • Inability to expose the complete catalog
  • Slow, non-relevant search results leading to revenue loss
  • Unable to generate cross and upsell opportunities
  • Led to customer frustration and dissatisfaction

Rysun built, trained, and deployed a smart search engine leveraging a selection of AI ML models and tools. We embedded the search capabilities in the B2B marketplace processes for seamless conversion interface. The solution enables smart product discovery by understanding the Search Intent ​for increased relevance of results​.   

  • ML models for keyword analysis and ranking for the best search results
  • Intuitive search, highlighting the right products for each search query
  • Seamless navigation to facilitate conversions from search results
  • Integrated with enquiry and lead process flow on B2B marketplace
  • Recommendations based on similar products, related searches and more
  • Framework to maintain searchable product catalog with faster indexing

Intelligent search has made a remarkable difference to the marketplace customer experience, making the platform more useful and engaging for the buyers of industrial supplies and services. The custom-built intelligent search platform delivers a great product search and discovery experience to users and has helped improve stickiness and conversions.  ​

  • Improved customer engagement and customer stickiness
  • Better search results and recommendations
  • Right product content surfaced at the right time
  • Better conversion ratio of Search into Enquiries and Leads
  • Easier for product teams to maintain searchable catalogs
  • Faster, simpler, more intuitive and meaningful search experience