Customer Data Platform for Personalizing Furniture Buying Experience


A leading manufacturer and retailer that delivers aesthetic and functional furniture solutions to millions of homes in North America, our client sells through 1000+ retail stores, plus mobile apps, ecommerce store and a franchise network. A bespoke Customer Data Platform helped them meet their customers at the right time and channel, with the right offer. They are now winning customers over with well-crafted, highly personalized customer experiences. 



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Business Impact

Improved Customer Lifetime Value
Improved Customer Lifetime Value
Improved Net Promoter Score
Improved Net Promoter Score
Access to 360-degree customer insights
Access to 360-degree customer insights
Better omnichannel journey orchestration
Better omnichannel journey orchestration
Enabled data privacy and compliance
Enabled data privacy and compliance
Unified customer profiles for omnichannel customer journey orchestration

A furniture manufacturer and retailer who is known for their comfortable designs, huge variety of styles, and superior craftsmanship. With a fully integrated product line they are the customers’ top choice to buy home furniture online and in-store in North America.


This leading home goods retailer was looking to create personalized customer journeys to enhance the shopping experience for their customers by bridging the gap between online and offline shopping engagements. They needed to create a 360-degree view of their customers across a complex network of touchpoints containing several data silos with fragmented, incomplete and duplicate customer information.


Fragmented customer data across numerous source systems, event streams, channels & touchpoints brings no valuable insights into customer journeys. It also makes it difficult to attract & retain customers, or to provide good quality service that leads to customer churn and revenue loss.


Efficiently combining different data types from dozens of source systems to build golden customer profiles consisting of millions of interactions with existing and new customers. Then using machine learning to resolve and stitch identities together through data enrichment, deduping, standardization and more to create a unified customer data platform or CDP.

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The client aimed to improve their customer engagement with existing and new customers to attract and retain customers. However, they had limited visibility into customer data due to fragmented and siloed data sources. The home furnishings company struggled to unify customer records into golden customer master records.  

  • Lack of 360-degree view of the customer with obscure Customer Journeys
  • Broken multi-channel engagement with no insights on Customer Lifetime Value
  • Lack of ability to run customer-aware, real-time promotions
  • Ineffective customer data governance processes
  • Inefficient compliance for opt-outs

Our client needed a sophisticated data platform that would enable them to provide more personalized omnichannel experiences for their customers. Rysun delivered a bespoke Customer Data Platform to centralize the client’s customer data, to build unique customer identities. The platform enabled omnichannel targeted marketing activation with real-time synthesis of identities.

  • Unified customer records with precise Identity Resolution Engine
  • Integrated a wide variety of customer data from dozens of source systems
  • Provided a data unification and activation platform for marketing automation
  • Single-pane customer dashboard to view and manage unique customer identities
  • Enabled 360-degree view of customer with purchase history, wish lists, preferences and more

Now the client uses the Customer Data Platform or CDP as a single platform to collect customer data across website, mobile, social channels, CRM systems, and other sources to accelerate digital transformation. The CDP enables real-time identity resolution, segmentation, and analysis for creating unified, up-to-date view of each customer, enabling better understanding and analysis of customer behavior and preferences to boost sales and marketing performance. 

  • Improved customer engagement and conversion
  • Tangible business impact on KPIs like CLTV and NPS
  • Personalized omnichannel customer journey orchestration
  • Real-time identity resolution and segmentation for marketing automation
  • Seamless customer data activation across marketing channels and apps
  • Better Customer Service performance and improved resolution time and rate
  • Reduced the risk of non-compliance with data privacy regulations