Digital Transformation Partner of World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Client Background

Our client is the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium with a seating capacity of more than 1.3 lakh spectators, surpassing the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The stadium is managed by a prominent cricket association, a member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This stadium has been host to many national and international nail-biting cricket matches, including the 2023 ICC Men’s World Cup Final, and is considered to be one of the best cricket stadiums in the world.


The management wanted to match the digital experience of its visitors with the world-class amenities and reputation of the stadium, and needed a partner to upgrade their website with cutting-edge features and trendy UI/UX, while improving the site performance.



Sports & Leisure



Digital Transformation, User Experience, Cloud, WordPress





The client’s existing website suffered from outdated content, slow loading times, and numerous bugs, impacting user experience and hindering effective communication. Key challenges to be solved included:

  • Underperforming bug-riddled website
  • Old, outdated content
  • Decreased audience engagement
  • Poor user experience and satisfaction
  • Missed potential for building a large audience base
  • Lost opportunity for revenue generation

Rysun developed a comprehensive strategy to address the client’s challenges. They redesigned the website, improved UI/UX design, and implemented cutting-edge features. Our Web Design and Development team supported this digital transformation initiative with a focused approach to improve audience experience and engagement. Solution highlights:

  • Strategic approach to User Experience design
  • Added a Live Matches module featuring Live Cricket Score for creating audience stickiness
  • Applied unique methods for visual and graphics design with design tools like Photoshop
  • Collaborated closely with the client, gathering requirements, creating cricket-oriented content
  • Enabled real-time content publishing with WordPress platform
  • Used HTML and CSS to make the website highly intuitive and user friendly
  • Delivered the best quality code after rigorous testing to minimize post go-live bugs
  • Migrated the server to the cloud for better scalability and performance

The revamped website received positive feedback from client and their website visitors, highlighting its impact on enhancing the overall audience experience. The digital transformation partnership successfully addressed the client’s challenges for the website of their marquee Cricket Stadium. Using the latest technologies and industry expertise, our team developed a feature-rich website that led to a significant improvement in user experience, with faster loading times, enhanced content, and improved navigation.

  • Exceptional User Experience
    • Live Score feature for real-time match updates
    • Streamlined, intuitive navigation
    • Faster loading times
  • Increased Audience Engagement
    • Up-to-date content
    • Revamped design for enhanced appeal
  • Optimized Performance
    • High-performing, scalable website hosted on AWS Cloud
    • Seamless handling of peak loads during cricket season

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