Drum Circle Brings Together the Rysun Tribe to Celebrate a New Beginning

December 14 2022

We celebrated our move to our new office in Ahmedabad with a fun and engaging event that brought our team members and their families together. The highlight of the celebration was a unique drum circle activity, creating a lively and energetic experience that encouraged teamwork, creativity, and expression.

We organized the get together to showcase the new office space and create a fun and engaging atmosphere for everyone attending. The open day format provided an opportunity for team members to introduce their families to the new workplace to give them an opportunity to experience our daily space.

The drum circle activity was chosen as a unique and interactive way to engage the team and guests. The activity involved participants playing various percussion instruments, creating rhythmic patterns and melodies as a group to encourage bonding.

For those of you who don’t know, we have also undergone brand transformation from KCS to Rysun in the last few months and had to keep some things under wraps for a while.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and made it a success. We are finally able to share the pictures from the event. Enjoy the recap.