Evaluated vision wellness with Free Eye Checkup Camp at Rysun Ahmedabad

June 01 2023

In recognition of the challenges posed by prolonged screen time in the modern workplace, Rysun took the initiative by organizing a Free Eye Checkup Camp at the Ahmedabad office.

The primary focus of the camp was to assess eye health, identify early signs of eye conditions requiring attention, and evaluate visual clarity. The dedicated eye experts from Eyeconic Eye Clinic utilized state-of-the-art equipment to provide useful insights into Rysers’ eye well-being. The team eagerly participated and appreciated this event.

By nurturing the vision wellness of its workforce, Rysun underscored the importance of maintaining clear and bright eyesight. The event served as a reminder that the 20/20 vision is attainable with timely evaluation and precautions.

Have a look at Rysers getting their eyes checked:

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