Rysun Diwali Carnival 2023: A Celebration with Heart and Purpose

November 16 2023

With the Diwali festivities around the corner, Rysun decided to transcend the usual euphoria and orchestrate an extraordinary Diwali Carnival – a celebration that resonated not just with excitement but with a profound sense of unity and giving.

From our different Indian offices, Rysers from different Indian offices came together to celebrate with delectable dishes, carnival games, and culinary competitions. With traditional Indian delicacies taking center stage, the carnival fostered camaraderie and friendly competition, creating memorable moments across all Rysun offices. The dessert stalls worked as the cherry on the cake. And the gaming stalls, bustling with excitement, added an extra layer of thrill to the carnival, echoing laughter and friendly competition.

The highlight of the Rysun Diwali Carnival was the special stall by the Blind People’s Association, where colorful diyas, torans, handcrafted clutch bags, vibrant windchimes, keychains, and captivating paintings were showcased. Rysers wholeheartedly supported this empowerment movement, embracing the joy of giving. Bringing the Rysun family together on this occasion strengthened our bonds as a community, reminding us of the importance of spreading light in the lives of others.

As we reflect on this day of fun and celebration, our hearts fill with gratitude. With cherished memories, we carry forward the warmth and camaraderie we shared, lighting up every moment ahead.

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