Celebrating Navratri 2023 with a huge round of Garba at Rysun

October 20 2023

The 2023 Rysun Navratri Bash was a lively dazzle of dresses, colors, music, and rockin’ moves. It was marked by – Joyful Tradition, Spirited Garba. Under the Stars, By the Stars.

Rysers in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune spun and twirled, clapped and danced, grooving to heart-pounding Garba beats! The high-energy Garba, and the glittering garb (see what we did there!) made them all look like stars! The energy was infectious!

Navratri at Rysun was a full-on celebration! Everyone rocked their vibrant, traditional attire and had a great evening out, moving to the special beats of Garba, the traditional Indian community dance form. Friends and colleagues joined hands, celebrating as one, big harmonious team.

Each beat, each step, each smile, will remain fresh in our hearts till ‘tis time again next year.

Here’s to the spirited celebration that bonds us as one Rysun family!

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PS – Pictures and videos were still pouring in as we published. If you want one with you in it featured, let us know.