Delivering data 4x quicker for Florida based quick service restaurant chain


This casual dining chain from Florida is famous for the aroma of its fresh coffee, the sizzle of breakfast options, and the delicious flavors of lunch specials and house soups. They offer unique and inviting breakfast, brunch and lunch experiences to patrons. This fast-casual restaurant chain set the ideal balance of quick service and better quality by reducing daily data processing time by 4x with efficient DataOps.



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Business Impact

4x Speed to Insight for Distributed Stores
4x speed to insight for
distributed stores.
Accurate Daily Sales and ops Data
Accurate daily sales
and ops data.
Improved Front of House engagement
Improved Front of
House engagement.
Efficient Back of House operations.
Efficient Back of
House operations.
Half a million data units processed everyday
Half a million data units
processed everyday.
Daily data insights for better customer experience and restaurant operations

Our client is a restaurant chain based in the USA. Their award-winning coffee, fresh ingredients, and strong connection with the communities makes them the first choice for dining in over 500 locations. 


Orchestrating successful front of house engagement across 500+ stores requires meticulous back of house operations planning. They needed to get faster, assured, more accurate access to daily sales and restaurant operations data from their stores and were looking for a specialist partner to run DataOps for them.


Exponential data growth, large files, and slow processing made it difficult to generate deep insights into changing customer demands everyday & consolidate sales and operations data for 500+ locations.


Serving data to dashboards 4x faster by making DataOps more accurate and efficient.

Want help serving the
coffee faster and better?


The restaurant chain uses multiple best of breed third-party applications to manage visitor flow and orders, POS transactions, kitchen and server staff & payroll, and other financial & operational data. With exponential growth, the company wanted to dig deeper into data to better understand and improve the coffee and breakfast experience.

  • High volume of daily data from 500+ locations
  • Error-prone data synchronization.
  • Compromised data integrity and data quality.
  • Lack of scalable data pipeline infrastructure.
  • Growing complexity and volumes as the business expanded

The client had an existing data processing system in place, but it was unable to get faster insights into the business. Our team built a data pipeline to streamline its data collection, storage, and management processes.

  • Data consolidated from 4 heterogenous source systems into Azure cloud
  • Migration of client’s daily data – guest order details, POS data, staff and payroll data, and more – to the destination database for reporting in Microsoft Azure environment
  • Designed an alternate path to process and consolidate delayed data from the one of the applications
  • Implemented failover pipelines to prevent data loss and error to eliminate without need to run the entire load operation again
  • Accurate KPI metrics and gross sale data processing through on-time data load
Business Outcomes

Enabled more efficient front of house and back of house processes for the busy QSR chain, to help them manage in-store customers and online orders effectively and efficiently. Highly optimized DataOps makes data from multiple POS and cloud applications available in a single and secure database on Azure cloud. This ensures their PowerBI dashboards are refreshed every day before the first coffee is served.

  • Faster daily sales and operations insights
  • More informed decision making for 500+ store locations
  • Optimized Data Pipelines executed in under 4 hours, reduced from 17 hours
  • More agile and responsive data infrastructure
  • Reduced errors with built-in checks for data integrity
  • Productivity boost with failover pipelines
The Extra Mile

When one of the applications took a serious malware hit in early 2023, we helped clear the long data backlog queue. Once the data source was secured again, our team found a unique solution to quickly upload a full-month’s delta within a week, without hampering the daily ongoing operations. We also supported the client’s security team by implementing their updated security recommendations in our data operations.